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Monday, 21 September 2015

Too perfect for a date, the black little dress, nah it's not little, it's magnificent and adorable. You can never go wrong with black, anybody can slay black outfits because it virtually works with any colour, I swear.

It's now obvious everyone looks good in a dashiki shirt, dress whatever. Then with the gladiator sandals, this look no be here o, it's eye-catching, undoubtedly.

 This look seems tacky but it's not I guess? LOL, she added flare to it and it came out perfectly. Sassy look, i like o

This babe be slaying blue and white again, giving us more evidence that blue and white is one of the most perfect combinations one could ever imagine. The blue dress is cute for days, some people sabi sha, slayers!

 She slayed the look with this wide leg trousers, and that shirt and jacket. Normally it wouldn't have worked for me but she just rocked it so well, it's perfect and she is looking classy too. This can be worn to work you know?

This look o, I love the fact that she wore red on red stylishly and still the outfit didn't look too busy, fashionista. The look just perfect for church, it's lovely

This is another colour combo, I love it when people combine colours so perfectly and in a unique way too. The look is outstandingly fabulous, cool outfit for church, work, dates any any event.

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