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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Your lifestyle goes a long way to determine what kind of outfit you should be found wearing, different outfits for different places. You can't wear a party dress to the office, and just as you can't wear a party dress to church and this applies to any other place. So select a style and rock to where ever you go during the week.

I'm in love with that top, it's lovely. This is a cooperate wear, you can wear this look to the office and to any cooperate event. This outfit can also pass for church service you know?

This is a casual look, that you can wear to work if you don't stay in an office, it looks simple but classy.

Casual look to anywhere apart from work and church between the curves on this lady though, I can't help but notice it.

This is one amazing street style, the look is chic and sexy. You can wear this to run errands and be sure to look effortlessly stunning.

Cooperate wear

 This is an entrepreneur's look, classy and elegant. This boos lady look Is everything, I like!

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