Who is your Woman Crush Personality today?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

It's WCW again, yaaaaaah how i love Wednesdays just     because of this particular edition, WCW. We get to  see different amazing looks and decide who slayed it the most. Sometimes we are caught up in the game because we get confused on who slayed it best, apparently all the looks are so stunning we can barely choose one. This happens to  me, I don't know about you.


OMG this white dress is so cute, blended so well with those shoes. There wouldn't be a more perfect shoe for this dress, those shoes are so matching the dress o, lovely shoes.

Blue is still bae, blue has always been bae, you know? What can I say about this outfit, it got me doubt founded. All I can say is classy!

There's something unique about this look, but I can't get to place my hands on it. Maybe it's because it is too perfect a look for just one person hehehe, chic and sassy.

Another colour combo, girls be slaying looks though. Yellow is the best matcher for that flared skirt, there couldn't have been a better colour.

I'm in love with those cuts around the arm, it added flare to the outfit. I think a blue  pumps would  have been  better  but still the look is edgy and sexy.

I will leave this one to you guys, the look is amazing. But those yellow shoes made the outfit look too busy, what other colour of shoes and bag, do you think would be perfect for the outfit. 

Woooooo! Gorgeously elegant! LOL Kim you don come again with these your over exaggerating words.

Perfect combo, some people are so skilled they play with colours and it still comes out looking perfect. More pics after the cut..

Are you surprised I didn't choose a woman crush personality for today. You don't have to blame me o, all the looks got me confused. They are all perfect i can't even put a decision together, maybe you can, so let me know your WCW.

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