3 Important Things To Know When Trying To Rock An Ankara Maxi Skirt

Thursday, 29 October 2015

There are lots of rules that comes with rocking an ankara maxi skirt just as there are lots of rules that also apply to rocking ankara pants. Unlike most people think, the ankara maxi skirt is actually fun and versatile if you rock it perfectly. But there are 3 important things I want you to know about rocking ankara maxi skirts;

 1. Wearing a bulky loose top over an ankara maxi skirt is a no-no, It has enough bulkiness hehehe. I suggest you rather go for a fitted top, that should work it better.
2. To make it more gorgeous, be sure your ankara maxi skirt is high-waisted. Between it's preferable for skinny girls that want it to look like they have bigger hips, try the high-waist style. It works the magical!
3. If you want to go formal with an Ankara maxi skirt, throw a blazer on it. Go casual by throwing on a crop top. Make it fit for the beach by throwing on a hat and maybe rocking a bikini bra. You can as well be more creative with yourself, and work more magic with the Ankara maxi skirt.

See more ways to rock an ankara maxi skirt after the cut..

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