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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

5  common Makeup Mistakes Ladies Should Know; (SectionA, Note: pictures are not for illustrations)
Makeup was intended to accentuate and enhance our natural beauty, but sometimes we ladies make some makeup mistakes, here are 5 common eyeshadow makeup mistakes.

1) Using blush as an eyeshadow:
Rose, red or peachy colors, usually, don’t look flattering on our eyes in real life. So, avoid using your blush as an eyeshadow!
2) Liquid foundation as an eyeshadow base:
When you apply your liquid foundation on your lids as a base for your eye makeup, in most cases it creates more harm than good, because the foundation wasn’t designed for this purpose, it’s more likely to crease and can make your eyes look tired instead of pretty. To get a neat and beautiful eye makeup, apply an eyeshadow primer first and then only apply your eyeshadow. Most eyeshadow primers will help your makeup last longer and stay crease-free.
3) Going too bright:
There is nothing wrong with experimenting…but as for eye makeup, avoid too vivid colours and stick to neutral pallet when doing your eye makeup.
4) Harsh eyeshadow lines:
Blending is the key, eyeshadow should be blended well and look like soft smoke, you shouldn’t see the colour between crease and brow bone. Use proper tools to ensure that your shadow is well blended.
5) Not having a separate blending brush:
Most people apply their eyeshadow and then blend it with the same brush they used to apply it. This is a mistake! When you blend your eyeshadow with the same brush. First apply your eyeshadow color onto your eyelid and then, blend it with a clean blending brush.

SectionB: Makeup Ideas

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