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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fantastic Four(4) Eyes Shadow Tricks That Keeps Your Eyes "On Fleek" All Day Long:
Note: the photos are not illustrations
Section A:
– Bring light to your eyes by highlighting in the right places. Accentuating the brow bone and corners of your eyes with the right light shade can mask imperfections and brighten your whole look.
– shimmer shadow can accentuate creases and wrinkles. Go crazy if you’re young. If you’ve seen those crow’s-feet appear, try going for a creamy metallic shade.
– Getting dark eye shadow too close to the lash line can make your eyes appear smaller than they actually are. Go light at the base and work darker colors up to your crease to create full, big eyes.
– It may seem like a simple concept, but cleaning your eye shadow brushes ensures the best application every time. Each night, wash brushes with a bit of baby wash and let them air dry naturally. 
Section B:

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