Rock a floral print or jumpsuit to church

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sunday is here again, and those of us that are Christians must go to church, it's a must! Hehehe. But we have to keep representing wella, but I know you would need my help, yeah right! So many people are already cracking their pretty heads just thinking on what to wear, why nah when Kim's blog still dey here? LOL. I have chosen some specific outfits for us this Sunday, it is the floral prints and jumpsuits.

I want you to go to church tomorrow looking so simple but elegant just at the same time. Surprised? You don't have to be, I love these outfits because you don't need to work so hard to look gorgeous in them, no need for all them unnecessary jewelries and all. Just these outfits and a simple neckpiece would work magic. I've bored you enough with the talking, let more of the pictures continue from here.

More pics after the cut..

Get inspired by one of these looks and rock your own version.

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