Appropriate Or Inappropriate?

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Today i'm going to be blunt as a two edged sword! No sentiments hehehe. These looks are so so inappropriate, none is better than the other!

My dear Amber Rose, can you help us all by covering up a little bit, just a little bit. We didn't ask for much, we just prefer to see you when you're a little bit covered up. We'd appreciate it, if you concur! LOL She wore this outfit some days back, to an event. Like seriously? I'm not surprised though.

Can you believe this, i actually learnt that this lady wore this outfit for her wedding ceremony. This took place somewhere in Nigeria. If i'm this lady's mum, i would lash her in front of her guests for putting me through this height of disgrace LOL. But guys, can any of you wear this to your wedding?

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