How Do I Look In This Outfit, It's My First Time.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

I told you guys earlier i attended a wedding right? Yes, here are photos of my outfit to the wedding, i was actually among an asoebi group and white and orange was our colour pick. I barely do this, but i definitely had to and i can barely tell how this outfit looks on me sef. To myself, i'm feeling kind of weird hehehe, don't mind me. See photos after the cut and rate it LOL..


  1. hehehehee even with native this ur hands on ur head signature and bent head......lmao

  2. white and orange not a bad color and from what u said u rarely(not barely) do asoebi things or maybe wear native attire. well since u are not used to such id advice u go with buba and iro or a fitted blouse and iro, such look would give u a rich outcome.

    and the ornage beads u have on didnt do justice to your outfit would have preferred a bare neck.

    N:B, like i have told u several times, am not hating i really do like yur blog and wat u do. but when i comment u shud know its bcos i want u to do better(not change u) but make u do better.
    u post nice pics but whnever u post a pic of urself in some outfits am like, naaaaa she doesn practice what she preaches and u really need to that.

    xoxo: ella

  3. @ Ella I concur,this blog is a good blog but Kim you need to work on some of your outfit.

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