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Sunday, 1 November 2015

#4 Fashion Mistakes We Make Everyday;
Improper Fit:Next on my list of worst fashion mistakes is, of course, wearing clothes that don’t fit right! Too large, too small – it doesn’t really matter, the point is that both can and do look bad and, even worse, make you look bad! Don’t hide in the folds of your baggy outfit and don’t try to squeeze yourself into something just for the sake of being able to say “I’m a size so-and-so”. Your outfit needs to have shape and structure, it needs to show off your best parts, flatter your curves and be kind to your critical spots.

Outfits Of The Day-OOTD
Lovely evening to you my dearest readers, the groove was so bad right? Lol. Here is something really cool for your relaxation, Outfits Of The Day-OOTD. All these looks should fit perfectly into your daily lifestyle, whatsoever it is, I assure you. You must find what would tickle your fancy and your type here, there are diverse styles and so many. Look out for yours after the cut..


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