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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Getting Too Creative With Tights: Okay, so here’s the thing – I love tights and although I’d usually pair them up with a tunic or a longer top/sweater/whatever and opt for dark colors, I don’t agree gym is the only place you can allow yourself to wear the garment in question. Getting too creative with them…now, that’s a whole different story and quite an interesting one, for that matter, with more than just one fashion faux pas to point my finger at. Colors-sure, if you can pull them off, animal print…well, seeing a few amazingly stylish ensembles out there, I’d have to go with “maybe”, yet anything that looks like it has suffered some serious clawing or a pack of rabid animals is a no-go and the same can be said for a)tights worn under a denim skirt, b)tights worn under a girly summer dress and c) all possible forms and variations of a denim cutouts plus tights combo!


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