Matchy-Matchy Does Not Work The Magic

Monday, 7 December 2015

Hey guys, make una follow me see o. I'm so confused and can't really imagine someone rocked this look and felt it was cool, like fashionable and fabulous hehehe. Who really does this these days? Only her I guess. A friend came across this pics on Facebook and and sent it to me, she said, "Kim, see this height of fashion blunder o, you need to talk about this on your blog", so here i am. I posted about this particular fashion mistake during "Outfits Of The Day-OOTD" check it out here but i think i have to briefly repeat it. Whenever ever you want to be in all matchy-matchy, you are just creating a mess out of your look. This is a very wrong way of combining colours, please guys want to also see your take on this matter, comment!

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