Who Rocked The Look Better?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

We all know its usual for two different people to rock the same outfit but it turns out that the outfit looks better on one person than the other. Here are some photos below, where two people are rocking the same outfit maybe in the same way or in a less different way.
On this look, I think I prefer the way the first lady combined her own maxi skirt. Her choice of top matches the skirt perfectly, that's my thought though, yours might be different.

The two ladies are rocking the same outfit in almost the same way, it's just that it looks better on the other lady, lady no2. Maybe those earrings worked the magic, who knows or even her hairstyle.

This style is becoming a trend, wear a dress over a shirt is nothing but stylish. But I prefer the lady that completed her look with a black hat and black shoes, that's even more stylish!

This outfit just looks more stunning on the American Idol judge, i can't give any authentic reasons though, what do you think?

Gorg, gorg, gorg! Lady no1 slayed the look, no arguments because it's so obvious! Her hair, her ripped knee jeans, her shoes gave a completing flare to the look.

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