Who Wore It Better?

Thursday, 10 March 2016


Beautiful actress, Yvonne Okoro be looking sexy in that outfit but the other lady just killed it for me.Yvonne's outfit depicts simplicity but then it looks tacky as well, the sleeves are not just in place.
The other lady's outfit looks more composed and that belt gave the dress more flare!

Wow, both ladies are rocking this Ankara dress beautifully, and i don't normally become indecisive when I'm asked to select which look is better than the other. But in this case, I'm proudly saying it, LOL. Both ladies rocked the Ankara dress similarly, so we just have to decide who it looks better on right?

I will go for look1, her simple way of rocking the outfit just did the magic for me. Her hair is so on point and she went for just perfect shoes for the look. The other lady went wrong with the look when she decided to rock that hair and the bag and shoes are a no-no.

The second lady had a wrong choice of shoes for this outfit, there was enough bling-bling for just one outfit on the dress already, why then did she rock those shoes.

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