Who Rocked It Better?

Thursday, 21 April 2016

 The lady #2 rocked it better for me, her shoes and bag choice gave that look the very unique touch it ever needed to look fabulous. I don't see the point why the other lady should pair a navy blue jumpsuit with a navy blue clutch and shoes.


Nah, nah, this is so wrong! To the lady #2 the dress was already too busy enough why settle for that kind of hairstyle to mess everything up? I think the hairstyle just made the whole look go wrong, other than that, the outfit and shoes go perfectly together. Lady #1 rocked the look better, simple and classy!

The same pants, but the colour of the top is what determines who rocked the look better right? Yea, and I'd go for the black top, it looks better with the pants, or what do you guys think?

It's already obvious who rocked the look better huh? The lady #1 killed the look, I wonder what the other lady was thinking when she decided to pair her camouflage trousers with that skimpy crop top. Her outfit is looking so trashy, no offense meant though.

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