Black With A Pop Of Colours Work Magic

Sunday, 29 May 2016

 A happy Sunday to you my lovely readers and also a happy new week to everyone that's reading this post now. I pray this week yields better fruits in whatever we do in Jesus' name, Amen! I know most of us went to church earlier today and I trust you guys to have slayed as well, you should because every fashion lover sees it right and takes it really important to look good to church.

Besides here's what I wore to service this morning, a black corporate dress, yeah I call it corporate because it actually makes me feel corporate and I'm loving the feeling. I paired the black dress with a neon jacket just to make it more appropriate for church. Then my pink shoes came in handle once again because of this look, I wanted to do some colour popping today and it came out this way, I loved it after all. Spiced up the look with the golden clutch purse, the three colour beaded neckpiece and the floral print belt, I was good to go! See other photos of the colour popping look as you get inspired after the cut..

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