How To Get Creative With An Outfit Out Of Confusion

Thursday, 19 May 2016

 Hey baes good evening, I hope you guys had a great day so far and you're as well enjoying the rest of the day. Let's talk style and creativity. I rocked this outfit few days back, as I stepped out to do a little shopping for a client. It was a Sunday afternoon and I wanted an outfit more of sophisticating than simple so I opt for this look.

I was a little bit confused at first about what to wear, because it came more like an emergency so I peeped through my wardrobe and my eye caught this cute white dress but remember I wanted something more sophisticating and the white dress was way too simple but I wanted to wear afterall. I thought to myself, why don't I try to be creative a bit.

I remembered this floral print dress that I was trying to wear for the first time some time ago and the zip was messed up so I dropped it because I so hate to visit tailors for alterations but alas it came handy that particular day. I quickly threw it over the white dress and woo, it came out beautiful. My friends were like, "Ah Kim, how did you do this one again? Is that a jacket or what?" I just kept smiling, oh how I love to confuse people when I create an outfit idea, LOL. Enough of the long talk, check out the look for yourself and cop just if you fall in love with it. You don't have to wait for any of your dresses to have a bad zip, you can as well spoil one yourself *eye rolling*.

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