I Took A Little Risk With Colours Today

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Good evening guys, I want to say a happy new month once again and I pray this month of May shall bring us nothing but joy and fulfillment. And also happy Sunday and a happy new week as well. It's so exciting to think that this week is starting with a holiday, a free day! The excitement I feel right now is priceless and I know y'all do too. As today was the first Sunday in May, I couldn't afford to miss church so I was at church looking all comfortable and confident about my outfit, after all that's one important thing you need when you rock an outfit right?

To what I rocked, I wore a black see-through plugging top, but to make it more appropriate for church I wore a black sleeveless crop top beneath just to reduce the transparency. That black top was a perfect match for the neon peplum hem skirt with large green and yellow polka dots, because it was way too colourful and I had to make it work and yes, the black belt too worked a whole lot of magic on this look though. Then I completed the whole look with a red shoe, some may say, " A red shoe for this outfit? What a weird combination".  But hey, it came out well afterall and my new braids be giving me more life! LOL.

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