My Love For Sheer Dresses Is Priceless

Sunday, 1 May 2016

I must confess I had fun today, the past week was hectic and what more could I have asked for than the treatment I had, all to myself and to make me more emotional, is the holiday tomorrow as well LOL.A new week has never been this goo-oo-ood! I was at the beach with friends today, but before then I had a little shuffle about what to wear.

I guess I should be used to it already because it's becoming so frequent! Have a lot of clothes, I end up being so confused about what to wear at a particular time, but when I finally do, it comes out really good. Most of my girlfriends were going for the popular beach look, tank tops and hot pants but since I always try to be different, I got hold of this neon pink slit dress and rocked it. The golden sequin shoe gave life to the look. I'm loving the whole details on this lovely dress, see more photos after the cut..

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