One Skirt Styled In Four Different Ways

Sunday, 29 May 2016

What is more creative than this? I love when people try to make do of what they have and become creative about it and it ends up coming up more stylish than we expected. Here's a skirt that is being worn in three different ways, one can hardly recognize it is the same skirt. Let's talk about these looks;

1. The skirt was worn as an off-shoulder dress, completed with a huge statement jewelry that did all the work to the look, perfect for an evening date or outing.

2. The skirt was worn the same way, just that this time a plain white shirt jacket was thrown over it for a more signifying look and those snickers gave it a sassy look as well. This look is a stylish street style every fashion lover should try.

3. Oh those pair of black palazzo pants, it would take a stunt fashionista to pull off this look. Not everyone would find it interesting but it really is stylish.

4. Yes! The big one, this is so me when I want my style to stand out from the rest. The skirt which is now acting as an off-shoulder dress is paired with a palazzo pants and a black shirt dress, way too stylish. I love this!
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