Rock Those Joggers Stylishly And Make Them Stare!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Hey guys, good evening to you all. I hope your day so far has been good and you are enjoying your evening as well. I want to show you guys what I wore yesterday as I step out to stroll a bit and I hope most of you would get inspired at the end of this post, after all that is what it should be right?

Joggers are becoming more trending each day, so I had to do something with it as well. Most people rock it with sweat jackets but fashionistas dare to pair it with casual tops and I think I love the sight of it. Hey, you need to see how chic and classy rocking joggers with heels look, you'd fall in love with it. I think I will try it one of these days just for some of you who are yet to see what it looks like. Yesterday was somehow cloudy over here and the weather was cold so I needed to rock this my grey Jordan joggers badly. But this time I rocked it with a black sheer mesh top and complemented the whole outfit with that lovely shocking turquoise and gold Chanel bag, oh my bag! LOL and a cute shocking turquoise sandals as well to blend. And voila! It came out just as stylish as I expected and I loved it, I hope you love it too. See other stunning pics of the look after the cut..

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