Crucial Tips On How To Wear Vintage And Still Look Modern

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Good evening lovelies, how has your day been so far? Just in case you had a bad day or a really stressful day, here is something to brighten and spice a little spice to the rest of you day.I promise at the end of this post, you would be more enlightened and informed on what Vintage fashion is all about. So many people are still blindfolded by the popular mentality that Vintage fashion and style is for the outdated and laid back kinda people in fashion but I'm here to prove you wrong once and for all with vivid backups. Infact Vintage fashion and style is for the fashionistas and those who are daring when it comes to what they wear. Below are few crucial tips on how to wear vintage and still look modern; 

1. Collect Inspiration: For some people, styling clothing of any era is a natural-born talent. I am not one of those people, so I rely heavily on inspiration from others to figure out what looks right and what does not. If you are starting to dip your toes into the risky pool of vintage clothing, it’s really helpful to collect visual inspiration. This blog of course, can be great for this. Just come on here during our vintage edition post, save some inspiring photos and rock them anytime soon. 

2. Mix One Vintage Piece with One Modern Piece: Wearing a vintage piece of clothing along with at least one modern piece is the ultimate easiest way to begin wearing vintage. Every vintage slayer does this incredibly well and the end result gives her a unique style that is fresh and modern. But at the same time, has an unmistakable vintage flair that makes her stand out and look daring. 

3. Incorporate On-Trend Accessories: Sometimes, particularly when wearing a vintage  dress or other head-to-toe vintage look, all you need is one bold accessory to immediately update the look. Like adding a wide belt to a vintage outfit, another champion of styling vintage clothes is wearing bold, modern striped tights with a floral print vintage dress, this creates a powerful statement.

4. Pair Vintage Styling with Modern Clothes: Perhaps you aren’t quite ready to begin filling your wardrobe with vintage pieces from days gone by. That doesn’t mean you have to sit out the vintage trend altogether. Try out adding few trendy fashion pieces to your Vintage looks, it would go a long way to giving it a more modern appearance.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to be imaginative and creative while trying to find your vintage-wearing groove. By focusing on a modern look, incorporating vintage looks into your fashion vernacular will help you feel less costume-y and more timeless.

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