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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Relying On Your Fingers: They're so handy and never require brush cleaner. Totally get it. And using them to apply concealer can work just fine. In fact, when it comes to the delicate skin under your eyes, the warmth of a finger can help warm makeup so it blends on more easily and seamlessly. But we all know expert blending is where the makeup magic really happens. In the case of dark circles, that involves going in with a dampened a mini sponge. after you've dabbed on concealer, to smooth every last crease and edge and truly look like you've achieved more than eight hours sleep.

This will also pick up any excess concealer, which is what can turn cakey as the day goes on. As for blemishes and dark spots, fingers really aren't the best concealing tool. You need something much more targeted to avoid creating an obvious halo of makeup around the area. A brush with a stiff, pointed tip will let you deposit a tiny bit of concealer in the center of the spot, then almost microscopically stipple-blend it outward until any redness or darkness has been blended away. For larger dark patches, reach for that mini sponge again. It will help you layer on enough concealer to offset the dark pigment while blending the edges believably into your face/foundation.


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