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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Good morning fashion queens, how are you guys doing? I hope the day started off just well and you slayed in your outfit as you stepped out this morning. Every new day comes with a new opportunity to slay and do better when it comes to what we wear and this goes a long way to how people would address us. Remember the popular saying that goes "dress as you want to be addressed".

I'm not really here to start preaching about how what we wear adds respect and class to our personality, but I'm here to give you some really stylish and unique Vintage fashion ideas to help you achieve your fashion fantasies just incase you are that fashionista that always love to try out something new and different and always want to stand out in style. You can achieve all that and more when you get inspirations from these amazing back-in-the-days kinda fashion looks and rock it or better still you can become more creative with them by adding your own ideas and giving it a different style and more spice.

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