Awesome Ways To Pair Sneakers With Skirts, Dresses And More.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Happy weekend fashion queens! How is your weekend going? We know how it is whenever weekends step in like this, it is an opportunity for us to look stunning. But you definitely need these style inspirations, chic street-style-ready looks in sneakers! And also check out these trending style:how to pair sneakers with skirts, dresses and more after the cut..
1. A Popping Colour Sneaker: Not-so-classic Vans can take a monochromatic ensemble to a whole other level, and that level is called fun. Sneakers are so big right now, they deserve to be the star of your outfit. Go bold. Go bright. Go printed!

2. Jewelry Sneakers: Oh, you really can do no wrong with this idea. Matching your shoes to your bag? Gross. But matching your sneakers to your jewelry? FABULOUS! like wearing gold accessories with gold sneakers or silver accessories with silver sneakers.

3. Tough-As-Chiffon Sneakers: Wanna wear chiffon without looking like a bridesmaid? Simple white T-shirt, reflective shades, a grab-and-go clutch, simple hand jewelries, and a killer pair of studded sneakers. Done. Slaying it.

4.  More-Comfortable-Than-Boots Sneakers: I am probably not trying to pull a fast one on you, but at first read you might mistake this idea of wearing a monochromatic-socks-and-sneakers combo for a pair of flat black boots. Then you'd read again, realize it's infinitely cooler, and stop whatever you were doing to go buy some new socks of your own.

5. Golden-Rule Sneakers: If you go for a full-on gold sneaker, the outfit probably would have felt pretty cheesy especially matching your belt to your shoes is so passé but those gold studs are just right. They play off your belt and bag strap perfectly.

6. Dance-All-Night Sneakers: A crop top and leather overall minidress says this girl is going OUT. And those badass slip-ons say she won't be slowing down until the sun comes up. Maybe not even then.

7. Gettin'-Shit-Done Sneakers: Think you can't wear sneakers to the office? Think again! If you have places to go and things to do, and those gravely streets can be murder on a pair of heels. Besides, a little pop of burgundy absolutely makes the outfit, so office-dressing conventions be damned. This sneaker look is a keeper.

8. Red-Carpet-F*ck-It Sneakers: I know this idea is kinda crazy but it is actually stylish. If you are crazy about the sneaker-dress look, then go ahead and damn the consequences as you try out this idea. Also, let's be real, this can be the best look on the red carpet at that event, confident, cool, and tough as sh*t.

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