'Crazy But Not' Vintage Looks You Should Cop If You Want To Go Stylish

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Hello dolls, it's throwback Thursday and it is all about the Vintage Fashion inspirations we share on here. Mind you these particular Vintage looks are for stunt fashionistas, if you are still young at style please go grow up some confidence before you try rocking any of these looks. But it is obvious we all here are fashionistas to the core so we are up to the task to pull off any of these 'crazy but not' Vintage looks and more, not just rocking it but rocking it in style and confidence.

What can be more stylish than when you throw back a particular style or fashion piece like the popular oversized shirts, bell bottom pants, palazzo, culottes, tops with bell bottom hems, wide hats, baseball caps, wide legs pants and lots more. Style them with a touch of modern and rock them with confidence, I bet you would turn heads anywhere you go with that look. Check out some of these 'crazy but not' Vintage looks you should cop if you want to go stylish after the cut..

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