How To Do Your Colour Blockings Right

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

I am sure you have heard and seen ‘Colour Blocking’ which is my favourite trend right now and I think it’s here to stay. From neon pink to cobalt blue, this look is all about confidence. The colour-blocking trend began about a year ago and the best way to pull it off is sticking to simple pieces and accessories.

 Don’t go for prints or floral, the less pattern the better and plains are best! You surely don’t want to go out looking like a clown. Here are few guides on how to wear the trending colour blocking looks;

1. For the ones that are afraid of super bright colours, you can try colour toning. This is using shades within the same family. For example try purple and blue or pale green and lemon. This looks a bit more grown up.

2. If and when you decide to go for the bright colours, use metallic or black accessories to tone it down as this also allows the colour to pop out.

3. Remember this trend is not about having the same colour shoes and bag. Don’t get me wrong, as I still do this. It’s just that if you’re going for the colour blocking look, this isn’t right.

4. My favourite way to wear this look is with a single colourful item and accessories. I love my colourful blazers, they will never go out of style and they can transform a normal outfit into something extraordinarily fabulous.

5. Bangles and bags are also good investments. You can get these for affordable prices and u can mix and match them on various outfits. Feel free to cop this trend if you ever get the courage to try it.

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