Which Is Your Favourite?

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The denim on denim look was killed by these beautiful ladies, but both of them completed their look differently. The first lady rocked a pair of blue pump heels while the second lady rocked a pair of red pump heels. Now it is left for us to decide what colour of shoes looks perfect on that denim on denim outfit. Personally, I'd go for the red shoes but I can actually rock any of these looks.

Same dress, same design but different colours. White and blue colours are colours that looks good on almost everyone and are easy to rock. Waje killed her blue two piece outfit just as the other lady also killed her white two piece outfit. Everyone have their own choice when it comes to colours but I would go for the white colour cos it makes one stand out.

 It is obvious the red look killed it for us all, red colour is one lovely colour no one can compromise and it gets the love of everyone. I love the vintage touch that was given to that red two piece outfit made up of a wide leg pants and a stylish face top with balloon hems. The black is gorgeous as well, I love the whole idea of the sheer face top. Which is your favourite so far?
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