A Popping Colour Can Work All The Magic

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hello beautiful people, how have you guys been? I hope you my lovely readers are enjoying every bit of today. I want to use this chance to wish all my Ghanaian readers a happy holiday as they celebrate their founder, Dr Kwame Nkrumah's birthday. Back to today's post, want you guys to have a look at this very look I rocked few days back. I want us to understand and see the power of a popping colour, how it can transform a whole look into something totally out of this world. Check out how I wore this beautiful orange top with beaded details around the neck flawlessly and effortlessly as if my life depended on it lol. Although orange is not the easiest colour to wear as the colour can be quite bright and overpowering. I wore this top with cream pants and completed this stunning look with an orange crossover bag and cream sandals to match and here is what it came out as. Just incase you want to rock an orange top as well but you're not feeling this particular look as I paired mine with cream pants, you can as well go as simple as pairing yours with black pants or good looking blue jeans. But if you are the type that loves going overboard with colours, there are actually a lot of other fabulous and surprising ways to wear orange. It is quite unbelievable that orange can look good with so many colours as it is actually proving to be a versatile colour. There are different shades of orange ranging from bright ones to demure ones, just go for one that suits your complexion. Besides you can wear a whole outfit of orange colour while just adding  a scarf or bagor shoes with matching colours which I'm about to show you after the cut..

  • Pair orange with neutrals as the only way to let the bold tones to your orange piece stand out without competing with any other colour is to pair it with neutrals such as black, brown, white and nude shades just as I did with mine as I wore my orange top over cream pants.
  • Playing with prints is a great way to wear orange as combining bold orange hues with unique prints is a very effortless approach to putting together a visually interesting look. Just rock that orange top with a beautifully matching prints pants or skirts or orange dress with prints blazers/jackets, prints top over orange pants or skirts or prints dress with orange blazers/jackets.
  • Go extreme while trying a purple and orange clash, these two colours are a style favourite when it comes to contrasting combos. Visually appealing as these two colours create a bold and daring look when paired together. But one important key is to make sure you're adding a neutral piece to the look to keep it from being an overwhelming display of colours.
  • Scared of orange? here is a way out. Try accessorizing with orange as you add orange just as a highlight to your look. Orange scarfs, bags, glasses, neckpieces, earrings, bangles/watches, shoes, and belt are options.

Enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo

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