Animal Print Clothing And Fashion Style Inspo

Monday, 19 September 2016

There is something about animal print dresses, have you ever seen anyone that rocked an animal print outfit and looked shabby or absurd? lol. Or am I over exaggerating? I don't think so, I've got my own reservations on this and I'm ready to share it with you guys. Animal prints works on any body colour, shape on size and that is the most interesting thing about this fashion piece. It is most times made out of animals like leopards, hyena, tiger, cheetah, Giraffe, zebra and much more of them. Another goodnews, it blends with just any colour, who else has noticed this? Just as I paired mine with a red burberry handbag and nude sandals, that is just how it works with pink, white, blue, black, yellow, name them. You think I'm kidding? try this out yourself and come back and give your testimonies of how you slayed!

If you can't get enough of this fashion piece and you want to know more about how to rock an animal prints clothing and fashion style. Then here are some ideas on how to rock animal prints;

1. When rocking an animal print outfit, be it a top, skirt, pants or dresses, one needful thing you should do is to add something colouful into that look. If it is a top, wear a colourful pants or skirt but if you are not a pro at choosing colours just settle for white pants or skirt. Then if it is an animal prints pants or skirts, apply this tip to the top. What of if you are rocking an animal prints dress, go ahead and throw over a colourful jacket or blazer that is if the dress is suitable to be paired with one. If it is a dress like mine, just rock a colourful bag or shoes and you are one step to slaying that animal prints look.

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