I Rocked Two Unexpected Outfits Stylishly

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Hello slay queens, it's Woman Crush Wednesday and it wouldn't be selfish if I choose to crush on myself today, is it? At least for this one reason, that I unsuspected slayed two unexpected outfits together and it came out quite styllsh. Let's look at this effortless stylish look I rocked yesterday.

It was sunny day, but damn it what do I care? I choose to wear whatsoever, I mean whatsoever I feel comfortable and most importantly looks good on me so why not. I have this cullotes jumpsuit lying in my wardrobe since late last year, although I rocked it once but still never felt the look as I am doing right now. I need to make a little confession about this jumpsuit, I never liked it by the way. I think it looks weird on me, my thoughts though but I think I've been wrong all this while. No wonder I never rocked it again after the first time, but yesterday I felt like going a little bit Vintage about my look and this same cullotes jumpsuit came to my mind but I shoved off the idea. I was like "Nah not that weird looking jumpsuit, no way I'm wearing that"lol. Then again I thought, why don't I try something different with this jumpsuit, why don't I add a little fun to it to change the way it looks. So this black sleeveless turtleneck top became wanted, rocked it once too and loved it so much, hoping to rock it over and over again and was so happy when this opportunity came through. I did not hesitate, I went immediately so the search of this lovely turtleneck top and there it was lying adorably in my wardrobe, lol. I carefully put them both together, wore my cullotes sleeveless jumpsuit with my black sleeveless turtleneck top and gave some details to the look with that yellow statement neckpiece, my silver sandals came through as well and yaay I was good to go! See full pictures of this stunning look after the cut..

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