3 Shades Of Pink Agree In One Outfit

Monday, 10 October 2016

Hey beautiful KB readers, how have you guys been doing? I hope all is well. I have this outfit I personally have to show you guys, surprisingly it didn't take me up to a second to put together this look hehehe. Am I over exaggerating? Please pardon me this one, I'm just so excited I won a million dollar lottery. Lol damn am I joking again? Why don't we talk about this outfit already Kim, stop wasting the time of these adorable slay queens! You might end up paying. (I play too much)

Everything about this look is all about the pink details. I tried rocking three different shades of pink in a form of pink, pinker, pinkest lol. I'm the last person you should look up to for your English tutorials, mine sucks! But I hope you caught the joke and most importantly understood what I meant by that. I wore an offshoulder floral print top, (again? yea still in love with them) with a thicker pink detail on it, carried a lighter pink bag and wore a lightest pink sneakers finally. There is so much about this outfit I casually put together. It feels so good to be in, it is one of the most comfortable look I've ever worn and it brings out the queeny in me I swear. I wish I can consistently re-rock this particular look of a floral print offshoulder top, black pair of leggings, a pair of sexy looking pink sneakers, a Micheal Kors bag and hey I can't forget that tiny chokers that brings life into every outfit I carefully pair it with, thank you little miss choker! hehehe.

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