That Navy Kinda Look Was Killed In A Sexy Way

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Hello KB readers, it's a beautiful day and I hope we are all doing great. Wednesdays come with crushing on a woman we admire for one thing or the other. So here I am crushing on my very self today, I'm not selfish. I'm just impressed by how far I have come over the years. We are not going to just crush on Kim but also what she wore recently, how she slayed an outfit in the most suitable way. Yesterday I was at the airport, was supposed to go pick someone by 6pm as arranged but the call came earlier than I expected so I had to put something together very quick cos the dress I planned wearing needed ironing but there was not enough time for all that.

I went straight to get this navy green pants, by the way they are one of the most comfortable pants I have but funny enough I hardly rock it. Wore it few times and that was it, left it lying uselessly in my wardrobe. Thank goodness I decided to rock it yesterday and here is how it came out more perfect than I ever thought. Then my off shoulder top, oh damn! How I love this top, I've been anticipating for so long to wear it, one of the reasons why I delayed so much before rocking it was that I was trying to look out for a perfect pair for this off shoulder top and I think I did yesterday. I gorgeously paired the polka dot off shoulder top with the fitted navy green pants. So glad the top had a pinch of navy green on it, how exciting? After I paired the pants with my lovely top, I was not satisfied at the look yet, don't know why though maybe because I've always wanted more. I thought to myself, should I throw over a jacket on it? Nah, I would look too busy and just then the thought of this simple belt came to me and I was like, why didn't I think about this a long time ago. Went for the belt and fitted it over my off shoulder top and woo! I couldn't believe the amazing look and effortless transformation this smally belt gave the entire look lol. I knew there was something I was still missing, yes it was the choker. This look needed that choker to survive at that time, trust me. My whole idea of the shoe colour came from the colour of my choker. I'm an addict when it comes to pairing neckpieces with my shoes, forgive me. What about the shoe type, I wanted to complete the whole navy thingy I started that was why I wore those boots. Quite interesting yeah? I completed the whole look with that eye-catchy red bag with the bow detail, just because my top had a pinch of red on it too. I'm lucky! The whole appearance was out of this world, have been receiving calls and text over this single look I swear. They loved it, and I'm sure my slay queens here on Kim's blog would too. Cop as much idea as you can from this stylish look.

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