How To Rock Wide Leg Pants Casually

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Slay queens, here is another outfit inspirational post for you guys to cop if only you find it interesting but I bet you'd love this look I rocked today. I rocked this monochrome wide leg pants exceptionally, in a least excepted way and I absolutely loved what it came out as. I hope you love it as well though. This monochrome wide leg pants actually came as a two piece outfit and I've rocked it with the other piece which is a crop top sometime last year.

Personally I didn't really like how this two piece monochrome outfit looked on me so I never dared to rock it after that time lol. Don't blame me, it happens to everyone if we can be frank about this. Ever since, I've been contemplating on a more pleasing way to rock my wide leg pants, since I was so much in love with it than the crop top it came with. And yeah, today was that day I finally decided and I didn't do bad at rocking it at all. I went for this black lace bodycon crop top and paired it with my monochrome wide leg pants. Funny enough I wasn't ready to rock it corporately or more seriously as most people would do with a wide leg pants, that's how crazy I am you know? So I just completed the whole outfit with a pair of neon blue net slides and a matching Chanel bag to go with it. Less accessories just to make my point clear, casual! See more pics of how I rocked a wide leg pants casually after the cut..

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