How To Be A Fashionista #1(Tips For 2017)

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

#1 Do Your "Homework" On Fashion: When you don't study, you don't know about it well enough! Not for school in this case, but instead you need to study up on fashion.

Start with the magazines lying around your house, even if they aren't completely about fashion. These have some advice on fashion, despite it not being solely about fashion. As long as the magazines are from this year or somewhat current, they are a good place to start. Find tips on what is new and what staples from your own closet you can use. Look for the pieces that you see multiple times, because then you will know they are in style. Another place to look is online. It shows street styles, street styles are a great place to find inspiration. Even if you just type in Street Style in Google, you can find some good sites. Finally, watch shows on TV that are based on fashion.

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