How To Do The Colour Combo Without Stress

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Slay queens that love to play with colours a lot when trying to wear a colour combo outfit. This post would interest you more.

I rocked this daring colour combo look few days back and my sole idea was to play with colours cos it's been quite a long time I did. I miss all the colour blockings, colour popping and all. I've recently been doing the dim looks a lot and it was becoming boring already I guess lol. To eock a look as this perfectly, you need to have a good eyes for colours. Be able to match colours perfectly by just looking at them. Here's an idea, I wore a white sleeveless crop top over a colourful print pants. Wasn't satisfied yet, so I added the orange colour blazer jacket over the white crop top. Needed a stand out piece that would work magic for the whole outfit and I thought of that cute green bag and viola, I didn't have to go any further. I think I got what I wanted just the way I wanted it. I'm sometimes crazy when I'm trying to be creative, pardon me. I hope you guys love the look and steal one or more ideas to try out your own colour combo look soon.

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