What It Felt Like To Be In Christmas Colours

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Happy holidays lovely readers, how are you enjoying the festive season? It has obviously been wonderful so far. In few days 2016 should give way for the upcoming year and we at Kim's blog are among the many people who can't wait.

I wish everyone of you nothing but good things as this year is coming to an end and as the new year would take over. Here is the look I rocked on the 25th, I felt like santa as I matched some of the Christmas colours in my outfit and I bet you it felt really good and amazing. I wore a red floral prints dress with slit at both sides over a white cotton trouser. Unlike most people that plan their outfit far before the 25th, I actually decided on what to wear on X'mas eve, risky right? But I swear this is one of the best and easiest outfit I've ever put together within the shortest possible time and it came out perfect. I completed my X'mas outfit with a pair of blue pumps and a huge Burberry bag. 

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