Stripes And Plain, Pairs That Always Works!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

 Hello fashionistas, A very happy new month to you all. I pray this month, we all shall march into our possessions. Between I hope everyone here is doing great. I've been busy lately but I try to post at any little opportunity I get and I know you guys are really getting enough style inspirations from us. For better connectivity, please follow us on all our social media handles.
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Always stay closer to us, we have so lot more amazing things to offer! Here is a look I'm dedicating to all my amazing followers and readers(SUWK dolls) for being so fabulous as I welcome you into this beautiful month. Don't fail to get one or two style inspirations from this look, it actually has so much to cop.

I wore the trendy off shoulder top and this came in white and black stripes which made me fall totally in love with it. Who doesn't love stripes, we all do right? Then after I wanted a look I don't usually see everyone rock with an off shoulder top and I thought of this black pinafore jumpsuit and rocking it with the off shoulder stripes top was the bomb, best inspiration for the year so far. I hate to wear matching colours throughout one particular look, and that's how this petite, cute chain pink purse came into the limelight and I think it gave the look everything it needed to stand out.

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