Habits of Most Highly Fashionable People

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Anyone can know the hottest labels and trends. Anyone with money can buy them. Owning fancy "it" brand pieces can get you a few Instagram-worthy photos, but having genuine style takes a little more. 
What is it about the highly fashionable that makes style seem so effortless? They always look fabulous, but never seem to be trying too hard. They combine clothes in ways you never even considered. They wear outfits that you could never pull off... Except you can. 

1. They own what they're wearing: Ultra-stylish people are always confident with what they're wearing. Even if they realize, in the middle of the day, that their top really clashes with their skirt, or that their dress is on backwards, they'll own it. Mistakes can come off as fashion statements, and simple outfits can come off as great ones. Confidence really is key. It make you and anything you're wearing look ten times as cool.

2. They don't shy away from any store: Stylish people never think they're "too cool" or "not fancy enough" for them. The fashionable can work great pieces from anywhere, without any snobbery. If the store is on the higher end of the spectrum, maybe they can't afford anything (we've all been there!), but they'll browse like they belong there because it never hurts to draw inspiration.

3. They dress for themselves: It may seem a little contradictory, but the most stylish people don't dress to be considered stylishThis paradox exists because the ultra stylish don't care what others think about their clothes. They wear what they do because they like it, and that's part of what makes it work. When you dress for yourself only, you're more likely to push the envelope and maybe create your own new trends.

  4. They don't obsess over        labels: People with genuine style know that name of brands never make them unique. It's not that name brands are bad, but they're not the only thing to be considering when you're getting dressed. Like I said before, the truly stylish can find amazing pieces from any store, name brand or not.

5. They don't follow every trend: Usually, the highly fashionable do keep up with trends, but that doesn't mean they jump on every one of themThey know trends come and go, and of course, they'll take action on the ones they like. But if they don't want to buy into the hottest new trend, they won't, and it doesn't tarnish their stylish reputation.

6. They get inspired, but they don't copy: Inspiration can be drawn from so many different place, fashion shows, store window mannequins, street style photos. There are millions of possible sources! Stylish people love to get inspired, but they don't need or want to copy an outfit piece by piece. They know how to recreate certain styles and vibes in a way that makes them their own.

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