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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Hey fashionistas! Trust you guys are doing great.. Who have missed seeing me rocking black dresses. I brought back my love today. If you are a regular reader on Style Up With Kim, you'd notice how much I'm in love with black dresses but for a while, for no particular reason I went on a break but I resumed today heheheheh.

I totally love how black dresses look on me, my admirers tell me that and I trust them to death. Do I have any reasons not to? I don't think so. I confidently rocked this black lace dress that has silk skater hem effortlessly and I'm drooling at the sight of what the whole look came out as. My shoes brought class to my look, this nude shoes are classic or a word ahead of classic. It's obvious I love to always keep it simple when I dress up but that doesn't mean I won't slay besides they always say, "simplicity is key" lol. Oops I'm not in anyway indirectly condemning those fashion lovers that loves it sophisticated. Please it works either ways. Thanks lovelies for reading, love you guys! 💋💋

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